Trying to post updates on my jacket

Maybe it's me but probably not. I have had a hard time trying to log in and publish to my blog. Not sure what's going on with Blogger.

Anyway today has been a partial PSD. I say that as I had anticipated having a full day to sew. I spent most of the morning sewing and have just about finished my jacket. For a not so difficult pattern, it seems to have taken me forever. I will hopefully post some photos. I have concerns with blogger today.

I started out making the lining for this jacket first allowing me to make fitting adjustments. I made those same adjustments with the jacket body. Yesterday I mainly worked on the body of the jacket, inserting the sleeves using Peggy Sager's tie interfacing method which worked great! Today I added shoulder pads, then attached the lining unit to the jacket unit. Amazingly this jacket pattern gives instructions for bagging a lining. Why they have not done this before is beyond my comprehension.

I did a lot of pressing and understitching with this jacket. Pattern does not address understitching at all but to me it just makes the facings and lie nicely. All that is left to do at this time is to press hems in jacket, stitch in ditch to secure the hems and let the jacket hang for the lining to drop down and then press in the fold.

I do need to find a nice button. I thought I had something in my button stash but did not have anything I particularly liked.

I need to edit my photos a little and will post them next. Again providing Blogger cooperates.



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