Jacket is progressing

I have decided to spend time each morning sewing on my jacket instead of sitting at computer reading blogs or going to fabric sites. Taking a suggestion from a reviewer or two at Pattern Review, I made the lining for the jacket first. This proved to be a good idea as it is works somewhat like a muslin. I am tweaking the fit with the lining.

So far, I have had to take a deeper seam through the upper chest area. Easy to do with shoulder princess seams. I also added several inches at the waist and hip area, which worked well in the waist/high hip area of my backside. I ended up taking deeper seams on the sides at the waist and hip. I did not need the extra there. I also ended up letting out the back princess seams through the upper back area. Normally this area fits very well and in some cases I end up taking deeper seams. Not with this pattern. Perhaps I am beginning to see more rounding of the back and narrowing of the chest. Sandra Betzina talks about this and supposedly adjusts her patterns for this aging phenom. Ach! aging. I am trying to do it gracefully.

Alma Marie, my dressform, revealed some of the same fitting issues when placing the lining onto her before making these adjustments. Yeah!, that is what a dressform is for, right?

I took some pictures of my jacket lining but I am too lazy to go get the memory stick and download photos. Tomorrow.



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