Etsy Purchase

I need to post about my Etsy purchase. Here is a picture of my purchase from the Etsy website for Setpember. I purchased these from ChristineRenee. They were listed as buttons and then after ordering I fully read that they are not really buttons as I think of but a small badge. They look like what you see here and are really cute. I had thought about making some aprons and using them on that. The seller was very prompt in responding to my purchase and shipping them. I received them in about five days of ordering. They came from Chicago. She also send me a button (badge) of a squirrel. I love squirrels and she had no way of knowing that. Thanks Christine.

Please click on the Etsy photo at the bottom of my blog to go to this really nice website. Some very talented people offering very nice items for sale.


  1. I love these buttons/badges ! I think they would look adorable on an apron. The button/badge was a popular purchase this month!

  2. Very 50s, 40s schoolbook, cookbook style! Would look great on an apron!


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