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I think my problem is being disorganized and need to get back on track. Where most people probably do spring cleaning, I need to do fall cleaning. Mainly in my sewing room, but my home office is a shambles also.

I keep looking in my sewing room and it feels cluttered. It is! I have a very small room compared to my sewing room in my previous home in Florida. I have sewing related stuff in two rooms in my current house. My fabric is located in one room and everything else is in my sewing room. When I am ready to work on some projects, I bring my fabrics into the sewing room and they sit in a container on the floor under the cutting table. I keep culling out those fabrics and putting them back into the fabric room.

I am trying to sew using SWAP. I have those similar fabrics in the sewing room now. Only they are just sitting there. I have one fabric sitting on cutting table to become a jacket. I have made a few strides in altering the pattern using my usual adjustments, but still no further along with that. I have another fabric to be a jacket also, plus I have fabric for a blouse/top to go with the brown skirt I just made.

Just can't seem to get there. (whine, whine, whine!) As a good friend says to me, you need to go by Kroger's and get a new attitude. She's right.


  1. Oh no! There's no Kroger's here! Maybe that's my problem. :) Seriously, I'm just finally (I hope getting over what you're still going through, and there's no magic fix. I wish! I know you'll soon be back to normal and you'll wonder what in the world happened. It's horrible while it's happening though.


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