Dear Diary-I have the sewing funk!

I seem to find myself in a sewing funk. I am thinking about sewing, I even bought more fabric necessary for my current project. I decided the lining I have is not quite the color I needed. A friend of mine went to Schoolhouse Fabrics and I got her to buy some lining for me that does go with the jacket fabric better than the lining that was in my stash.

I just can't get myself into the sewing room to do anything. I walk in, look around and walk out! My skirt is done. Jacket pattern is waiting for me to pin fit, alter, cut and sew.

We are going to Danville to visit my DH's mother and aunt. Thus I will not get in the sewing room today and tomorrow will be the normal weekend grocery shopping. Maybe a weekend away from sewing will get me in the mood.

I am reading my sewing blogs and reviews at PR. I even posted a review this morning for my skirt. I am thumbing through magazines-sewing and fashion related for inspiration.

I am sure the spirit will move me soon.


  1. Ah Linda ~ been there, done that! I actually think it is the time of the season...that in-between grayish area where it is fall in the morning and late summer in the afternoon. It throws everything off kilter and makes it harder to sew! But one thing I do know...your sewing mojo will come back! Just wait for it....

  2. Linda, I'm there now. I have fabric and pattern pieces spread out on my cutting table since Thursday. Hopefully, I can motivate myself to do something today.

  3. Me too! I sure hope this is temporary...for both of us.

  4. I will have to agree with the weather idea. All these overcast days make it hard to get motivated. That combined with the cooler temps just makes me want to stay in bed all day and not do a thing! I hope you are able to relax and then get back to the jacket.

  5. I've been very productive lately, so the sewing funk will be hitting me soon, too (I'm sure). Just relax and enjoy doing other passions and your funk will pass. It's probably better you put those projects aside. I find that when I'm really not in the mood to sew, I make horrible mistakes.

  6. Me too. I read a book this weekend, and knitted while I watched TV. The time away really makes you eager to get back to it...


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