It was interesting to see comments about my sewing funk. Most interesting is I am not alone in feeling this way. The only sewing related thing I did in the past two days, and I am stretching it here, is I bought something for sewing room and I am selling some patterns.

I bought a huge magnet from the auto department at WalMart that has a neat rubber bottom and is like a magnet bowl. It holds my pins so nicely and easy to get them when pinning patterns to fabric or turning up hems. I read about this in a safety article on sewing written by Welmoed Sisson.

The other thing was I photographed some patterns and listed them for sale on Pattern Review. You can see the few I did list here. If anyone is interested let me know, $2.50. All are new and never used. I need to make room for my ever growing pattern stash. I really need to quit buying them for awhile.

Perhaps by the end of the week I will be back to sewing. No major plans for the weekend so hopefully my sewing mojo will be back.


  1. I am in a sewing funk, too, and I really need NOT to be because I need clothes and have no desire to wear crappy RTW anymore. As for sewing fleece, if you have a walking foot it is no trouble. I made a Kwik Sew jacket and used perle cotton in the loopers of my serger to make a really cool edging.


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