No Sew

The most I have been able to do in the way of sewing since Sunday is playing around with my Embellisher. I felted some merino wool roving together and then added a strip of brown. I was really trying to see what happens when you felt another color roving onto another. In my mind it is looking like brown tree branch onto a background felted fabric. It actually caused the base felted roving to pucker some. Since there are no real instructions with the Embellisher, I am not sure what I need to do about puckers. Perhaps it can be a design item.

Anywho, at least I am seeing what the machine can do.

Another idea with the above, was to embroider a bird onto the "branches". It would require stabilizing the piece which would be okay. You do that with any fabric when you embrodier on it. I am trying to decide how I would use that piece if I did do the embroidery. Many thoughts and possibilities to consider.

Got to go, work beckons!!!!!



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