A little sewing-2/3/06

DH had to go to work early this morning, so I ended up getting up early as well. As a result, I got to play a little with my Embellisher. I felted some of the new wool roving I recently purchased.

I saw a beautiful sweater at our local ASG meeting last month. Angel shapes had been felted onto it. I did not get to look at it close enough to determine how this was done. They were some type of material, not sure what, that had been felted on to the material it appeared from a distance. An outline embroidery around the felted material become an angel.

Instead of felting directly onto fabric, I decided to felt a large piece of the wool roving. From this I will cut out some sort of design and perhaps then felt this onto the material. I will add embellishment to this. There are not many books out there that explains the process, most particularly using the Babylock Embellisher.

I met DH for dinner this evening; once home, I went into the sewing room to finish pattern adjustments for the Swing Jacket. I then cut out the KS pattern for a sleeveless, v-neck knit top. See early post showing a photo of the pattern. This is the last of a piece of fabric I purchased over a year ago. If this is not a good fit for this pattern, I don't feel like I will have wasted good fabric.

That's all the sewing for today. Tomorrow we go to Danville to visit family. So sewing unfortunately will be limited this weekend. Sunday I will end up having to go grocery shopping. (Ugh!) Hopefully I can sew the KS top on Sunday afternoon.

All for now!



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