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Life gets in the way sometimes

I have finally made my way back to sewing (partially).  DH and I have had some health issues, nothing really serious but still annoying. 

Past few days, I have worked on spring cleaning my sewing room and still have more to do.  I have decided on a pattern to make---McCall's7904.

I thought I would try the shirt as seen on the model, but with shorter sleeves. Then I thought I would try View A.  The fabric I was going to use however will probably not drape as shown for that view.  I have pulled out a couple of other fabrics from stash and need to decide.
I have at least cut around the pattern pieces and have pinned them for fitting purposes.  I have not gotten to that part yet.  Sewing has always been my stress reliever, but not happening now.
I admit I am feeling some anxiousness and having been retired for one year now, I find I miss the interaction with people as I had at work.  I miss not having a sewing guild to interact with members. I reached out to a chapter near Wilmington …

Finding my lost sewjo

I lost my mojo again or it is at least 1/2 gone.  In my last post, I talked about a jacket from Nordstroms that I want to make. I ordered Brussels Washer Linen from that is green but not quite as bright.  This will be my first time trying this type of fabric.

I have been on a fabric and pattern diet since retiring.  There were a couple of patterns recently that I purchased through Club BMV.

I also purchased a top pattern from Burda.
I was inspired to try this one as I fell in love with Linda G's top as shown on her blog.
Dressmaking Debacles blogger helped me with finding a pattern to sew that was very similar to the inspirational jacket on Nordstrom.  I downloaded it from the Burda Style website.  I think this will be easily adaptable to what I want to do.

These two patterns are from Simplicity.  8512 will get made soon as the other one will be on hold for a while as I think our warm weather is here to stay!

Buying the patterns and fabric is helping me to get the sewin…


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