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Fabric Marker Pens and Field Jackets

I have used the FriXion pens for a couple of years and all that I had have run out of ink.  My Walmart never has them.  There are several Walmarts in my general area, but the one I normally go to is about 5 minutes away from my neighborhood.  Their products are somewhat lacking compared to two other stores that I go to when in the area.

I even went to Staples and even they did not have them in stock.  I do like the pens so decided to look on Amazon. Of course, they had several in stock.  While looking I came across some other
They are Blulu Heat Erasable pens.  They come in four colors white, fuschia, blue and black.  There are two refills for each color.  I liked the price and I like to try something new so I ordered them, arriving a couple of days ago.  I have tried the fuschia and the mark I made as a guide for hemming my recent project worked beautifully.  The only negative is that there is not an eraser at the other end of the pen.  I can survive that. The price was $7.99…

The Discoverer Tee-Ellie and Mac

I finally finished this top!  It should not have taken this long to complete as it is an easy pattern to sew.  I ran into issues with the neckline, operator error not the pattern.

When I attached the neckband to the neckline, I had a puckered place at the front area.  I just could not leave it alone; it was noticeable. I dreaded having to undo the stitching.  I normally do not use the stretch stitch on my machine.  I had read several posts about sewing knits and noted that several people use this stitch.  Soooooo! I decided to give it a try; I have tried it before and had to remove stitches and found it was not as easy to remove as a straight stitch or zigzag.  After seeing the pucker, I was hating that I used that stitch.

The solid green fabric is a rather lightweight knit and does not sew that well; it is easy to tear. So I began slowing to remove stitches and of course, I created a small hole and then another one and another one.  I think you get the picture. I decided that I would…

Found some sewing mojo!

I started feeling better after going to the doctor and getting some medication for this crud.  Unfortunately, my husband has it now so we are coughing and coughing together.

I printed and taped my next Ellie and Mac pattern, the Discoverer Tee. Now that I am more familiar with this pattern line my pin fitting adjustments were a lot easier to make. (For full disclosure, I am an affiliate and should you purchase this pattern from my site, I could earn a commission.)

Still working with fabric from my stash I pulled three fabrics.  The green and print fabric were purchases made from EOS a few years ago.  The green is left over from a tee shirt I made.  The other fabric was purchased and I got the remaining fabric that was left on the bolt from EOS.  The cream color one is from Fabric Mart and it too is left over from two projects.

So fitting adjustments to pattern have been made, except for making a small FBA which will be done later.  I then plan to cut out the fabric.  I plan to use the…

Where oh where, did my sewing mojo go?

Have not been sewing.  I printed out another Ellie and Mac pattern.  Have not had the desire to tape and cut around pattern pieces.  Have not had the desire to pull out a TNT pattern either.

The weather has turned cold again.  Last week we had highs in the upper 60's and the low 70's.  With spring type weather I have been spending more time outside and even doing some spring cleaning.

I know we all have had these times and hopefully, this will past soon.

More later.


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