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Marilyn Dress

I started my next project- Marilyn Dress from Style Arc patterns.

I haven't sewn many dresses lately. I have seen this pattern several times either on Pattern Review or another blog.  I see similar dresses on TV or in magazines.  I like the sleeve style with this.  I ordered this pattern through Amazon thus having multiple sizes to choose from.  I ended up tracing the 12 and 14, making a small FBA adjustment.  The swayback adjustment will be made using the center back seam, taking a deeper seam through the back waist area.  The waist line is not clearly marked on the pattern.
I decided to use a fabric that has been in my stash for several years.
I am not sure of the content. It has a linen look to it when you see it close up, but the feel and the no wrinkles indicate to me that it is definitely not linen.  It also has a crepe feel to it but not the raveling I usually get from crepe. I did not do a burn test.
I know that this fabric is over 5 years old; I purchased it from a Walmar…

Not much sewing this weekend

I lost my sewing mojo and hope to rekindle it soon.  😧  A lot happened at work last week and then plans for Saturday and Sunday with DH did not include sewing time.

I am trying to select my next project so did get in the sewing room for a brief period of time this AM.
I have some nice fabrics from Fabric Mart and ESO calling my name;I just need to match them with the right pattern.

I am looking forward to next weekend because of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.  I do plan to get some sewing in with that long weekend.

I want to thank everyone who provided me with fitting suggestions with my gaping back armhole with the Cold Shoulder Style Arc pattern.  I am going to the next size up which is a 14 but keeping the 12 for the upper chest/shoulder area.

More later.  Hope you have a nice week ahead!

Weekend sewing

I completed two garments this weekend. One I posted on Instagram, another Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee.  I think this is the fourth one I made.  Fabric from JoAnn's and leftover from another project.

I also completed the Style Arc Cold Shoulder top.  This was a test garment and I have some fitting issues.  I wanted to show these to you.  I need some suggestions on how to fix the gaping at the shoulder armhole.  I made a size 12 with some fitting adjustments-FBA, FSA, and swayback.  I definitely need the size 14 for everything starting at the bust down.  Size 12 shoulder seems right for shoulder and upper chest.

Here is the gaping.

The back is too tight for my comfort. I did a 5/8 forward shoulder adjustment, but I don't think that has anything to do with this gap.  Your thoughts please!
Here is another shot and you can see that it is tight in the upper arms and bust, going up a size should help with that.
The knit fabric I used is a midweight cotton, which actually worked …

Vacay continues

Vacation continues today. I was able to spend some time in my sewing room this morning. I cut out to patterns; one is the Kirsten Kimono Tee and the other is the Cold Shoulder Style Arc top. As noted in the my previous post the fabric for the Kirsten top is a leftover from a previous skirt make. The Cold Shoulder fabric is a cotton knit purchase from Cali Fabrics.

I made several adjustments to the Style Arc pattern. I chose to print and use the size 12 though I may have needed the 14 for the bust area. I decided to use the pivot and slide pattern adjustment technique.

The serger is threaded; I have tested the stitches and it appears ready to sew both fabrics. I will post some updates on my progress.

Beach Vacation

I got back Tuesday, a day sooner than planned.  My friend had a death in the family and needed to return for the family viewing and funeral.  Though cut short by one day, I had a great time at the beach. The crowds are not there during early May but will be arriving soon.  The weather was pleasant but very cool at night.  Friday, May 5, we could not go onto the beach because of high winds and the sand blowing so hard it felt like you were being sand blasted.

I did find a quilt shop who was a Janome dealer and were well stocked with cotton fabrics mostly for quilting.  I did find two fabric bundles that I liked to be used for tops.

I wore several tops that I had made and only took photos of two of them for MMMay 2017.  I also took my completed McCall's 7542 top.  I posted on Instagram and Pinterest.  I wrote a review on PR.

I love my version of this top, using a rayon challis which gave it more drape than a stiff boxy look.

The fabric is from Style Maker Fabrics.  Instead of using …


Here is my first item I made that I am wearing this week.  This is Simplicity 1316.  I am starting my vacation today, getting ready to go to the beach with a high school friend.  I wore this to run errands today and to get a mani/pedi for the beach.

Here is an enhanced photo to see the fabric details.  Excuse the pose.   The side view below shows a fairly dissent shot of the shape of the back; got a better swayback and high upper round back adjustment with having back center seam.

I hope to finish the McCall's 7542 later today as I do want to take it with me to the beach.  More later.


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