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B6169 Wearing

I had time to take a few photos this morning and just edited them to post the finished version of the jacket.  I highly recommend this pattern.  The instructions are good; I did not use their instructions for the lining preferring to bag my linings.

I ran out of time and did not get photos of the jacket partially zipped.  This gives you an idea of the length and overall fit.

I made several fitting adjustments-forward shoulder, one inch FBA using Sandra Betzina method for princess seams, shortened the sleeves by one inch, swayback adjustment of 3/4 inch, high round back adjustment of 5/8 inch.
I plan to make one or two more versions of this jacket with one being for spring.

Next project is......

All pattern pieces were taped after printing.  Now each pattern piece has been cut around and ready for tracing and then pin fitted.

Have not decided on the fabric yet.  This will be my December garment of the month and will enter this into the Pattern Review contest for New to Me patterns.

Jacket is complete

I hope that everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one.  My DH and I spent time with friends in our hometown of Danville, VA for the holiday.  It was good to partake of great food and fellowship.  Weather was perfect for the day and spent time inside and out.

I was not able to complete my jacket to wear before Thanksgiving, it will be something new to wear to work when I return from my vaca/holiday time off.

Here are just a few glimpses of the jacket in process and me wearing.  I plan to take more photos when more appropriately dressed for the full view.

I like the jacket partially zipped the best.  When fully zipped, it feels confining.  More photos and a review to follow.

Becoming a Jacket

I am beginning to feel like I will have a new jacket soon.  I made lots of progress this weekend.  The jacket unit is complete; next is to sew the lining pieces together and attach to the jacket!!

Here are a few photo shots of the jacket in progress on Alma Marie.  Alma Marie is a little large than I am and she has much broader shoulders so the jacket may look a little distorted.  The last sewing I did earlier today was to attach the sleeves.  I plan to insert sleeve head before attaching shoulder pads.

I am on vacation and holiday next week; my hope is to complete the jacket before DH and I spend time with friends for Thanksgiving.  I hope to be able to wear this then.  The weather has turned cold, not cool; so I think this will feel nice for a day time event.

I have enjoyed this sewing project.  The fabric has been great to sew with, I ordered it from Mood back in October 2014.  It is a Marc Jacobs Italian Wool Tweed.  I have not sew a jacket in a long time and jackets were items I …

Front jacket is complete

Here is the front pieces pinned to AlmaMarie.  I used the welts but did not sew and insert the pocket pieces.  Many reviewers say the pockets are rather small.  I misplaced the pattern piece and it is lost in my sewing room somewhere.

 The zipper on the left side (right side below) is basted then sewn to middle front piece.  The right side zipper is basted (left side below).  When the lining fabric is sewn to the center front facing piece, this zipper side will be fully stitched in the sewing step.
I am loving the feel and the sewing of this fabric.  Thank you Mood Fabrics!

Saturday updates

I finished cutting out the lining fabric this morning.  I have the serger threaded; I like to finish the edges of my jacket seams even though I am going to line the jacket.  I serge finish the lining fabric most times.  A few times in recent months I have not.  The seams are well protected as they are up against the jacket seams, so there should not be additional raveling.

What do you do with lining fabric- serge edges, pink the edges with pinking shears, or do nothing or do something else?

I just got home from grocery shopping as well as window shopping.  I did purchase a couple of sweater knit tops at Belks.  They were having a sale and I have not been able to sew as much as I had hoped on tops.  I have some knit tops that need to go to Goodwill.  Many are in good shape; I am just tired of wearing them and a few are just to large now.

Drinking a Peppermint Mocha to boost my energy and will head to sewing room soon.

More sewing updates later.


I made some headway with Butterick 6169,  I made all the fitting adjustments to the numerous pattern pieces.  I cut fabric and then started on the lining pieces.

I decided to go with golden color for the lining.  I pulled brown and black which is the predominate colors you see when you look at the fabric both real and in photos.  However the lining I chose brings out the golden specks in the fabric. I started cutting out the lining pieces and have more to cut yet.
I have been sewing such easy knit tops and dresses, that I forgot how many pieces a jacket may have. Then there is the lining fabric to cut.  Nonetheless, I am excited to be sewing this pattern.  I need to update jackets in my current wardrobe.
I hope your sewing weekend was productive!

New patterns

Took advantage of recent Club BMV sale.  Yes, more patterns.  These are the recent purchases

Moving on to this next

After the wadder yesterday, this AM I spent time in my sewing room looking through fabrics I pulled for fall/winter sewing that I brought into the sewing room.  I decided it is time to sew a jacket.

I use to sew jackets a lot.  Then work styles changed and I began to sew more dresses.  Now because of an ongoing vein issue with my right leg, I wear pants a lot because of having to wear a compression stocking. Thus the reason of late for making so many tops to wear with pants.  So now it is time to make some jackets to wear for the cooler weather that will go with pants.

The fabric I will use is from Mood-an Italian wool blend. Purchased in 2013.
I will make this jacket from Butterick.

I began the pattern fitting process this afternoon. So far I have the two piece sleeves adjusted for length; width is good.  More fitting to do.  Updates later.


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