Sewing progress

I spent a lot of time on B6175-crop, boxy top.  I am not exited about how the top is shaping up.  Some of my dislike is that the fabric is not performing as I thought it would for this top.  The other dislike is not so sure that this top is going to work for me.

I had to make some fitting adjustments throughout the sewing process for this top.  As you will recall from an earlier post, I had to cut a new front piece which improved the fit and allowed me to re-position the darts.

I decided to use an invisible zipper for the back piece, which I like and glad that I did.  I now think though that I might should have taken a deeper back seam.

I had to remove 1/2 inch from the shoulder width as after basting in one of the sleeves for fitting purposes I discovered that it was falling off my shoulder too much.  I removed 1/2 inch from the back of the armscye and 3/8 from the front of it.  This helped improve the fit.  I also took a deeper back seam below the zipper.  I think my next move will be to taper the seams from the waist down to make it less boxy!  The sleeves are seem a little long, they are not yet hemmed.  I may shortened them before I am through!

I  pressed all of the seams after sewing and I am not liking how they look after pressing, that I know is due to the polyester fabric.

This may prove to be a wadder.  I have sewn a few of those over the past few months.

I really need to remeasure my shoulder width, upper chest and more as all the tops I am making of late are just to large.  I do buy my top patterns based on upper chest measurement.  When you get past a certain I think you do shrink.  I use to be 5'3", now I am 5'2.25"!  I have been getting in my workout time so that changes things also.

Here are some parting shots of work in progress:

I was still in PJ's and no shower and make up so what you get is what you see.

I am ready to move on to some other projects.  Perhaps it's time to make something in a pattern that is already fit perfected.  I need a winner.


  1. Aw definitely go for a TNT and get the mojo back!!


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