McCall's 6887

As noted previously I am going to sew this dress pattern.  There are several pattern pieces with this dress and it has a lining. 

I pin fitted the pattern.  The pattern has separate bodice pieces  for B,C, and D cups. I purchased the multi-size pattern with largest size being 14 which is size I buy for upper bust measurement.  I need a 16-18 for the bust area but that size is on the other multi-sized grouping of sizes.  Thus I had to make a FBA of 2 inches.

I always use a 16-18 for waist and for this pattern I had to add 2 1/2 inches for the waist.  Then I had my usual forward shoulder adjustment, swayback and shortening the back length of the bodice.  I also reduced the length between waist and hip by 2 inches and then added an inch back at the hem.  That's a lot of scotch tape and time to make these adjustments.  The skirt portion has front and side front pattern pieces  as well as back and side back pattern pieces, making the waist adjustment for a lot of pieces. 

Normally when I add to waist area, I just add on X inches to the side piece tapering at hip area.  This time I used a different method that I learned from Craftsy video-"Sew a Better Fit" by Lynda Maynard. It helps keep the pattern draft more intact and keeps cutting and seam allowances more in line as well.  It was more time consuming in some respects but I think it will provide a more precise fit.  We will see.

I  thought about overlapping the bodice to the skirt and making it more of a sheath style.    If I wanted that style I already have patterns adjusted for fit that I could have used so I decided to go with the pattern design.

My plan is to cut out the dress and lining sometime tomorrow.  


  1. Love your new blog look. You sew rings around me!

  2. Thanks for comment about blog, I wanted to brighten it up a little. I don't feel like a sew enough, but squeeze in the time as much as possible. Tomorrow is back to work time!


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