Saturday, March 29, 2014

Deadline looming

I have attached the collar stand and collar to the blouse.  You can see this here and here.  I look photos with my iPad last night and uploaded to Flickr.

Sleeves are ready to be inserted, sleeve cuff to add, buttonholes and buttons.

I ran into some issues attaching the collar stand and collar.  Perhaps neckline stretched some, though I did stay stitch earlier on.  I don't recall having this issue when I made previously and had no notes to myself on the pattern instructions that this was an issue.  After several attempts I finally got it attached okay.

I have to find buttons.  I just don't have enough on hand so will visit JA's today; sometimes they have a good selection and sometimes not.  Praying today is a good day.

Updates later.


  1. My one armed shirt is currently staring at me :) can't wait to see your finished shirt!!

    1. I saw your finished shirt and review this morning. Great job!

  2. I hope its a good button day too! Sorry the collar decided to do it's own thing, but you conquered the problem :)

    1. I found some great buttons, lucky day for me. Blouse is complete and ready for photos-whew deadline is today!



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