My next project-New Look 6150

Here is a quick glimpse of my next project.  The fabric is one that I have had for a very long time. I purchased it from Textile Studio when they had their pattern and fabric website.    I think this was one of my last purchases from them before they closed down their site and business.  It is a nice knit that is a cut-out knit fabric with mesh backing.  Because this top will be a cross over in the front, I don't plan to line the front piece.  I will monitor the back to see how "see through" it will be.

The pattern has been adjusted for fit and hopefully I will cut out the fabric later today.


  1. You have really been on a top kick lately! I still have a few Textile Studio pieces left in my collection too!

    1. Yes I have been sewing a few tops. I tend to wear tops a lot during the summer months and I wear them til falling apart so thought I would focus on those for awhile.


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