Sunday, May 05, 2013

One Vogue dress complete, one Vogue dress started

I was surprised to see that I had not posted anything since last week; bad blogger!

I have been sewing sporadically this past week.  Inserting a sleeve one day, inserting the other one another day.  Setting up cover stitch machine to hem sleeves and dress, completed that task yesterday and V8742 is now complete.  I plan to wear it next week and will take photos.  I will be making another dress from this pattern.  I love the fit of this one and with all the tweaks with this one the second one should about sew itself!

This AM I started fabric and pattern prep for my next Vogue dress.  I have not made a wrap style dress in years.  I know that there was a lot of wrap style dresses made from a few favored patterns. I like this pattern because of the draped collar and particularly the asymmetrical  version; though I have not intentions of making that long version.

The fabric I am using is one I purchased several years ago from Les Fabrique in Charlottesville, VA.  It is a rayon blend and for the past few spring/summers I have pulled this out to make "something" and it never materialized.  When I decided to make V8827 I decided that this would be the fabric I would use.  I even have a linen blend fabric that matches the background color of this fabric and I am considering a light weight simple jacket for those days where the a/c is just too much and you need a little something on your arms.

The pattern prep was not as much as it sometimes can be.  Based on the finished measurements on the pattern, I did not need to do a FBA and could possibly eliminate some of the width of the skirt portion of the dress, that can be done during the sewing process.  I did make my forward shoulder adjustments and that was really it.

The fabric was pressed and steamed as I wanted to make sure that fold lines had not left fabric faded in that area.  Next step is to cut out the fabric.

Due to continued issues with neck and shoulder I had to stop for a while and I hope that I will be able to cut out at least a few pieces if not all pieces later this evening.


  1. That's A Very Pretty WraP Dress Pattern. Loving The Draped Collar As Well. Is Your Fabric A KNit Or A Woven? Look Fwd To Seeing The Finished Dress!

    1. Thanks! The fabric is a woven that I plan to use.

    2. Saw the new pics, thanks! :)

  2. Can't wait to see your dress. I'm making this one too.

  3. Hi, I read your blog but this is the first time I have commented. I have been a long time visitor and enjoy all your posts. The reason for this comment is that I wanted to find out what your thoughts were on this Vogue #8827. I have it and am planning to make it but not sure. Did you complete it? If so, what did you think or if not, were there problems with it? Thanks for your input.
    C Beverly

    1. Unfortunately this was an epic fail for me. My fabric was too heavy for this dress; as I remember I did not like how the collar draped again because of the fabric. I seem to recall that others that reviewed this dress on Pattern Review do not like how the ties were. I decided there were too many other patterns that I have that I decided to move on to something else!



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