Buttonhole with Foot Magic

I finally was able to stitch a buttonhole on the faux suede fabric.  I posted about my issues with getting the buttonhole to stitch on this fabric previously.  The Teflon foot was used throughout the sewing of this project but when it came to sewing a buttonhole it just would not work.

Using Foot Magic on the bottom side of the buttonhole foot, I was finally able to get a perfect buttonhole.  I have yet to sew the button on yet.  I have been under the weather with a cold and just have not felt like doing anything when I get home from work.

I made excellent progress with the KS vest pattern.  I just need to attach at the shoulders and side seams, topstitch all around  and I am done.  I used the overlapping seam method which allows enough of the wrong side to show. I will try to take some photos this evening.

I think I will either make some tops or sew some dresses next, I am thinking quick gratification right now.  I still want to make another jacket using Sewaholic pattern.  More later.


  1. Feel better and that's a perfect buttonhole. Looking forward to your vest.


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