Holiday sewing and new fabric

I had plan to post my sewing outcomes for the past holiday/vaca week and did not get around to doing so.  Returning to work on Monday was the usual "where did all this mail/stuff come from" and I was off and running into a busy workweek.

I had highly ambitious goals for my sewing plans that got interrupted from time to time.  I did finish the final touches to the blue Vogue skirt while off.  I did complete one top which was the Vogue cowl neck blouse that I just love the drape of the neckline and you have already seen enough photos of that.  I also worked on the Alma Blouse pattern with not so good results due to operator error not the pattern.  I think the fabric was the wrong choice along with the fabric being truly off grain and that in itself can create issues.

I did make two test garments using Pamela's Pattern #104 with #107 various necklines.  I did accomplish getting the right fit with the boatneck template, once I got the alignment for the shoulders correct.  I have the fabric cut for that top using a knit I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics several years ago.  I have a crepe fabric that this will go with and plan to make a skirt from that fabric.  I also found in my stash a plaid fabric that I think the top will work with.  I need to review that again.

Meanwhile I got new fabric from EmmaOneSock that arrived on Monday.  One piece is a black, white, gray floral print knit and the other is a beautiful rust color double knit.  I am expecting some fabric from Vogue Fabrics this week also.  It is interesting to see how shipping speed is with one fabric source to another.  The Vogue Fabric was ordered a day or two before the order with EOS and EOS fabric has already arrived.  I recognize that one is located further from me than another.  Nonetheless, I have new fabrics in hand or in transit.

More updates later.


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    1. Thanks James. I just registered for your site and will share info.

  2. How lovely to get new fabrics! Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog :)


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