Skirt progress

I got a little bit of sewing time in this evening.  All skirt pieces were serge finished and the center and side front pieces were sewn together.  I had to pick up some zippers at Jo Ann's today.  I needed one for this skirt and pressed the zipper tape getting it ready for attaching next.

The fabric being faux leather and thickish I am using a quilting needle size 14 and a Teflon foot.  Seems to be working well.  This is a very simple skirt pattern and should be able to complete it tomorrow.

I think my next skirt will be blue.  I have several blue fabrics, varying shades of blue as well as varying fabric type.  Once I complete the Carnival of Skirts I am going to make some jackets.  I have some lovely fabrics acquired recently and over several years that I pulled out for fall/winter sewing.  Several are varying shades of blue prints.

More later.


  1. You are a great sewist. Can't wait to see your skirt.


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