Working toward the weekend

Well my business trip at the beginning of the week was a good one.  I had hoped to visit a fabric store while in town but that just did not happen.

I am so looking forward to this weekend and time off.  I have the Vogue pattern ready to cut out, with all the fitting adjustments made to the pattern.  My hope is that I can cut the fabric tonight and spend time sewing tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Carolyn with Diary of a Sewing Fanatic showed a picture of the new Vogue September magazine and I went to a B&N hoping to purchase it.  It has not arrived in my area yet.  Elle had their September magazine on the racks so I purchased that one and will wait patiently for the Vogue one to arrive; perhaps it will be in place this weekend.

More updates later.


  1. Yes, I tried to buy one yesterday at my local grocery store. They still had August out but said it would be in a day or two. I think I'll try a local newsstand today. Last year I waited too long and couldn't get one.

    I hear you on the weekend. :)

    1. I was able to get one this evening at the grocery store. I was surprised it was there first before Barnes&Noble. Hope you got one.


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