Fiddly fabric

I was able to spend about two hours working on my skirt.  I really picked a fiddly fabric to use.  I have applied fusible tape to waist, peplum bottom edge, waist band and center back seam to help keep the edges from fraying.

The peplum edges have been hemmed and topstitched.  The view I am making called for braid along the edge of the peplum but this fabric is too thing to attached braiding and would probably stretch around the edges due to the weave of the fabric.

The back darts have been stitched and there are not darts for the front.  I interfaced the waist yoke and waist yoke facing.  This should give this area more support.

At this point I decided to take a break to rest shoulder and neck.  Next will be to attach the front and back peplum to skirt followed by attaching the lining.  The pattern does not call for a lining but I like linings for most skirts I make but most particularly for this skirt as the fabric is rather thin and see through.

Going to watch a movie now with DH.


  1. Sorry the fabric is so fiddly. But you'll get it done, I know.


  2. I HATE fidley fabric. Generally steer away from it, but I admire your tenacity with this one!


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