I sewed the eShrug pattern from Sewing Workshop.  This shrug has potential but mine did not turn out so well.  Operator error not the pattern.

The stretch lace fabric was a bit fiddly to work with.  All went well until I put in the sleeves.  I did not mark the notches and dots well enough.  Rather hard to do with multi-colored lace.  I need to determine a system for this type marking with stretch lace.  I should have use thread to mark.  As  result, the sleeves are all wonky.  Again my error not the pattern.

Using 20-20 hindsight, I should have tried this with a more substantial fabric instead of lace.  I have not sewn with lace much and probably would have been better to have done this.  I have enough fabric to cut out new sleeves but I think undoing the serged seams will make a mess of the fabric.  I actually may have enough fabric to remake the whole thing.  But only after testing it with another fabric first.

You can see it on AlmaMarie

eShrug on AlmaMarie

Productive and restful holiday weekend.  I hope yours was a good one also.


  1. Love the top in your previous post. I have that pattern, and hope to make it in early fall. Did you get the free directions from TSW for the longer shrug with the longer sleeves? They sent an email with a link. I'm sure it is on their website.


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