Local ASG event

Our Roanoke Valley ASG had Cynthia Guffey as a presenter for a special sewing event today.  Great day with sewing related friends and Cynthia G was an entertaining as well as educational presenter.  I learned some new things about fitting as well as some important sewing techniques.  Some information I knew well but it is nice to have it reinforced.

Of course I purchased three patterns and one of her sewing booklets.  She has some great fabric as well but I did not buy; I may regret this later.  The event went from 9 to 4, with break for lunch.

DH and I went to dinner and following dinner I spent some time doing some work with dress currently in progress.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get more done with the dress.


  1. Glad you had a great time. I've taken only one of Ms. Guffey's classes, but I fell in love with her.

  2. Lucky you! I always get re-energized at a sewing event. Are you going to show us what you bought?

  3. I always enjoy Cynthia Guffey. I always take a few of her classes when I go to the Sewing Expo in Chantilly Va every year. Linda St Clair "the Bra lady" is coming to Richmond in late May. I am looking forward to learning how to fit and make my own bras.


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