Progress on second jacket of the year

I had a productive sewing day.  I cut out the KS jacket early this AM.  I took time to read through the pattern instructions as this is not an easy-peasy pattern to make.  I have not sewn a separating zipper in many,many years so I wanted to make sure all parts lined up well.

One side of the zipper is stitched into the left front and left side front seams.  My zipper was too long for the pattern and had to be cut.  I used KS instructions for creating fabric zipper stop.  One side of zipper attached

Next you stitch the right front and right side fronts together.  All seams are pressed to side front and then topstitched 1/4 inch from seam edge.

Close up rightside zipper and topstitching

I used embroidery thread in bronze metallic color that matched the bronze in the jacket. In this photo the other side of the zipper has not been attached. 

topstitching thread







Next you attach the other side of the zipper to the right front edge of the jacket.  It has to be aligned with the other side of the zipper.  It is important to mark the placements of the zippers on the fabric to align both sides.

Both sides of zipper attached

Here is a shot of both front pieces with zipper separated.

close up of both sides of zipper

Next step is to attach the pockets and zippers.  I ended my sewing with a nice start on the jacket.


  1. You had a very productive Sunday. Your jacket is coming along nicely.

  2. This jacket looks like it's gonna really turn out great, I can't wait ti see it!!

  3. I love that pattern. It's like a dressed up biker jacket. Sew on!

  4. That is coming along! The zipper looks great.


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