New fabrics

I bought two new pieces of fabric recently from EOS.  Let me say that this site always offers quality fabric and great customer service. 

One of the pieces I purchased was an Italian denim jacquard fabric.  After placing my order, Linda P, the owner emailed me to say that she did not think she was going to have enough fabric to fill my order but she was going to check with her supplier to see if they had more.  I was truly appreciative of her doing this without my having to ask if she would/could!  That to me is top of line service.

I was even more delighted that she found more and immediately completed my order and shipped. 

Both fabric pieces arrived the middle of last week.  Without further ado here are photos of the new fabrics: Denim jacquard floral lace-EOS-2-2011b

When I first saw fabric on the site my idea was a jacket, now that I have it in my possession I think I want to do something different-dress or skirt.  Not sure but the fabric is nicer than I imagined.

The second fabric is an ikat cotton fabric.  I recently got a catalog from Chico’s that had a ikat jacket in blue, which was the inspiration for buying this fabric.  I am going to have to modify one of my jacket patterns to get the look of the Chico’s jacket.

Ikat Cotton fabric-EOS-2-2011


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that ikat fabric. It sold out before I could get my greedy little mitts on it. I kind of hate you for having it. ;)

  2. Very nice fabrics - can't wait to see the finished products!


  3. Lovely fabrics. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

  4. Those are lovely fabrics, waiting earger to seeing what you will be making....

  5. I just love getting fabrics in the mail. Looks like two very nice pieces!


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