The end is in sight

Yesterday I had a stomach/intestinal virus thing going on, that started Thursday night. I was unable to go to work. Staying close to the bathroom was an essential part of my day. Thus between reading and some TV watching, I spent sometime in the sewing room. Thus the progress you saw on the dress from yesterday.

This AM I am feeling much better, yet spending some leisurely morning time, making sure that I may be able to venture out later today. Thus more time spent in my sewing room. I decided to go with an exposed zipper for the back using the black zipper I purchased last weekend. I think the black exposed zipper gives a nice and needed touch of black for the back area.

The dress back does not have an upper yoke piece like the front yoke. I did not want to attempt to draft one. Thus the back was looking very red. The black exposed zipper seems to, IMHO, balance the front and back. I have attached the shoulder seams as well. I normally then baste the side seams for fitting purposes. I did cut out pieces for a lining and decided to sew the front, front sides and upper yoke of the lining next.

I now need to sew the lining back darts, sew the CB lining seam and sew the lining shoulder seams. I will then baste those side seams and use the lining as my fitting "muslin" if you will before sewing up the dress side seams. I also cut out the 3/4 length sleeves and those will be attached the dress before attaching the lining to the dress.

So a little more to go yet; but I am pleased with the progress and to state again this has been fabulous fabric to work with!


  1. Nice to hear you are feeling much better today!

  2. Glad to know you're feeling better. Funny how no matter how bad we feel, are thoughts all ways turn to home, home sewing that is. :)

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better...


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