Sewing and Blogging--Not Much

I haven't posted much this week, just have not felt like blogging or sewing. Work has been busy and sometimes in carries over into my personal life.

I did sew on the BWOF jacket, it is almost complete. I am rather pleased with the outcome, though I have decided I should have perhaps trimmed down the neckline, or reduced the width of the collar stand and collar. Yet when I look at the model wearing the jacket the collar seems large and somewhat floppy as it looks on mine. I will finish it today except for the buttons/buttonholes. I just don't like what I have in my stash for the jacket. I also think the jacket is more casual looking than I first thought and just may not work with the recently completed skirt.

Yet I need some new casual clothes and this will work nicely I think. I will try to take photos today, as pictures are worth a thousand words. Later.



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