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Maybe it is me but this fall's issue did not do anything for me. I know from reading many blogs that a lot of us look forward to getting the fall issues of several magazines, Vogue, being one of them.

DKNY had some great garments and that ad was at the beginning of the magazine. So I had hoped that as I continued looking, I would see more. I did see a few other pieces but again nothing blockbuster.

Perhaps it is me. I purchased Allure and InStyle to look at as well. I subscribe to Lucky and had reviewed that one earlier.

Plaids and block colors are my take aways from the magazines thus far, along with ruffle and tie collars for blouses.

If you did review this issue of Vogue what were your thoughts, take away?


  1. I really liked it, but simply because is presented a world of possibility to me. Or it may be that I'm just ready to focus on fall. I'm not sure which. This year I have found very little inspiration in fashion magazines because I don't feel that they are addressing my age, profession, etc. Vogue was the first fall publication that I felt gave me ideas. That may be why I liked it - the creative juices got flowing, they confirmed fabric choices/colors that I had in mind and it made me want to get to work.

  2. I agree with you about the Vogue mag. It was the least impressive of all the fall magazines. I was not as impressed with this year's group as I have been in previous years.

  3. I don't have a Vogue sub, but I thumbed thru it at Hancocks yesterday and decided not to buy it. It didn't impress me either.

  4. This issue I pulled nothing out. Usually if it's a great issue I pull out several pages to save in my inspiration file. Nada. I did get a few out of Elle this month.


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