Slowly but surely

I got to spend some time Saturday AM and PM working on the dress. I had some fitting issues with the skirt portion of the dress. I had added to front and side front seams and found I really did not need this extra amount. I also learned to stick with what I know. In this case it was to sew the front bodice to the skirt front and back bodice to the back skirt pieces, then sew the side seams. To make the front skirt piece fit to bodice, I removed the bodice side seam stitches and then proceeded to attach front top to front bottom. This helped me determine the amount I needed to take up through the center front seams.

The bodice and skirt pieces are attached now. I started sewing the side zipper. I have sewn the right zipper side, or in this case the back side seam to the zipper tape. The front seam is folded under and folded over the back zipper stitching. It is pinned in place will be ready to sew.

I made a recent purchase of another zipper foot. This is a thin/slender foot, particularly compared to the zipper foot that came with the machine. This one will allow me to "hug" the zipper teeth. I think it provides more control of the stitching as well.


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