Sewing again

Well I have been sewing for a couple of hours this afternoon. The zipper insertion into the side seam is complete. My new zipper foot is so perfect for percise sewing, should have purchased it years ago.

After inserting the zipper I tried on the dress again and decided I needed to release some of the front seams as it was just a smidgen too tight. I think I may still need to take deeper seams through the back seams. I will make that decision after I insert the sleeves. Once that is done is hemming and yes, Virginia, it will be a complete dress.

I have already started planning my next dress though I have not settled on the pattern yet. The fabric is a cotton fabric of kiwi green, aqua dots on white back that I acquired from Les Fabrique in Charlottesville. I then saw the dress fabric at this site, made up in a child's dress. I like some of the contrasting fabric they used and decided I wanted to incorporate contrasting fabric as well. The dots along with contrasting fabric a part of a series of coordinating fabric by Michael Miller. So I ordered 1/2 a yard of three coordinating fabrics from The Quilted Castle.

You can see the fabric pieces in this photo.
Photo courtesy of The Quilted Castle

The upper right corner in the photo above is the main fabric and what I acquired in Charlottesville. The contrasting fabrics I selected are the three bottom fabrics.

Later, grilling dinner and got to run.


  1. Glad to hear you had some sewing time. That's where I'm going now :)

  2. That is some really pretty cotton.

  3. Glad you have had time to sew. Cute fabric.

  4. The fabrics are very summerery, cool looking. They will make a great dress. Good luck!

  5. I always think it's funny how I put off purchasing something I really want, finally get around to doing it, then think the same thing as you..."Should have bought this years ago!" For example, I keep putting off buying Fasturn Tube Turners, and when I do, I just KNOW I'll be saying that.

  6. I love the colors in those quilt fabrics.
    Also, I nominated you for the "Blogger Buddy" award. Enjoy!


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