Pattern tweaks

I was able to play in my sewing room this evening! I tweaked the BWOF pattern a little more. I shortened by one inch. I removed the dart and adjusted the side seams from bust down using Debbie Cooks FBA tutorial. I still need to work on the back pattern piece shortening it and perhaps making an additional swayback adjustment. I need to pull out the FFRP book as I know that this is addressed in this book.

I even looked through my knit fabric stash and found a suitable knit to test for the second top. The other knit was just too stretchy, somewhat like slinky but yet not slinky. I have had that particular knit fabric for several years, acquired by

I got some feedback at "burdaenglish" yahoo group on how some others did the neckline. Some helpful tips there. So I am hoping to play around with this, this weekend.



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