Almost Completed Dress

Here is a view of the front and back of the Almost Completed Dress. (Click on the photo for a larger view.) There are a few fitting issues to resolve still. I need to lower the front waistline, so will go back and take 3/8 seam allowance. I am a long waisted short person. I added to the bodice length when cutting it out but the back waistline is fine but I find the front a little higher than I like to wear my front waistlines. I don't like the cap sleeves and I have an issue going on under the arm. The armhole dart was not placed correctly in the first place, my error. So in adjusting the line of the dart it has created a wonky seam right under the end of the cap sleeve. I am going to remove the sleeve and either use the full sleeve version or either go sleeveless. I am thinking sleeveless with a binding around the armhole. I am not sure that I have enough fabric to cut out the sleeve pattern.

I also need to take deeper seams at the hip area down. The lining has all seams sewn in and I basted all the side seams on the dress to finalize the fit. Making the changes above and then hemming the dress will complete the dress. I am so ready to have this over and done.
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  1. I've always thought that kind of cowl neck looks good sleeveless. Hi! I'm Tala, the newest member of your Sew Craft Blog group. Just dropping in.

  2. I hate when a project I think I'm going to breeze though ends up taking longer!! But its going to be pretty when you're done!

  3. Goodness... I wish I could sew my own clothing. I am a bit of a pattern amature. I have no idea how to read one.
    Great job!
    sewcraftblog group 3

  4. It looks really great, Linda!! I can't wait to see it finished. Hope you will take a picture of you wearing it!

  5. Looks fine in the photos! But I do understand that frustration, when you just want a project to be done and it's not being very cooperative. Kind of feel like I'm there myself right now!


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