The UPS man cometh!

The little brown truck came yesterday with my fabrics!!!! I came home for lunch and there was the box on my front porch! I ordered three silk charmeuse (sp) fabrics from Fabric Mart. This order allowed me to take advantage of the special they were running and I got 10 yard bundle of "mystery" fabric.

Let me say that the silks are scrumptious! They truly met my expectations and more! The mystery fabric was a pleasant surprise and I am thrilled that all four pieces of fabric are in colors that I like and wear.

It was a late night at work and thus late night arriving home so have had no time to take photos of my new fabric treasure. Unfortunately I know at 7 AM that I will have another late night tonight and thus probably no photos until later.

And just to add to this fabric, I also purchased several knit fabrics from over the weekend. They had not had anything to appeal to me until recently and thought I should snatch them up before they were gone. You know-"snooze you loose".



  1. I'm so in love with my UPS man, LOL. He came last week and Lu & I both practically fought through the door to get to him first :D He must think we're nuts!! But he always brings all my favorite things!

  2. I often wondered what the 10 yard bundle was like. I would be very interested to see what in yours.


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