Not sewing

Just taking a moment to post what is NOT going on here. I am NOT sewing, fitting patterns, cutting fabric, nada, zilch, nothing.

This is the time of year that we work on our budgets at work for next fiscal year. The 'at work' also means on my laptop and flash drive 'at home'. Homework. I hate what I call Budget Season. However it is truly a necessary function for any business. I feel much empathy for our accounting staff who carry the real burden, I am just one of the submitters. They have to pull it all together. This year it is even harder as we are undergoing a restructuring and thus making it even harder to pull together. What does this have to do with sewing, you may ask.

A lot really. Because of budgets and restructuring, my homework takes all of my evenings except for dinner, loading the dishwasher and setting the coffee maker for brewing the next morning. I did find time last night to go to CURVES, which helps me physically and mentally. Those endorphins are up!

While NOT sewing, I have found time to buy fabric online. Yes, I needed more for collection! Besides prices were extremely good and if you snooze, you lose.

To end this rant on a more positive note-Friday is a vaca day!!!!! I have a manicure/pedicure/hair cut appointment for late morning, SEW I will be working on my dress and jacket Friday as well as into the weekend. I am suppose to be off Monday as well, but it is budget season!!!


  1. Oh yes, I remember budget season at the office. UGH! Friday is not THAT far away when that sewing machine will be humming! Hang in there!

  2. Don't you just hate when work gets in the way of (sewing) life? Whazzup with that??

  3. I'm a budget analyst and I'm already tired of budget season! LOL. I want time off to sew! I'll be jealous on Friday!


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