Lining a knit top

I want to thank Carolyn and Marji for responding to my email SOS on lining knits. I love the blog world cause I now have so many sewing buddies to answer questions, give advice, etc. I also got some helpful feedback at Artisans Square also.

Here is what I decided to do after testing and digesting the feedback from sources mentioned above. To line or underline was the question.

  1. Underlining would allow for all seams to be sewn as one and thus you would not see the seam allowance through the lace part of the knit fabric.
  2. Underlining with both knit fabric and knit lining having variance of stretch between the two may or may not be an issue. Some say yes, some say no.
  3. Testing the stretch of both by pinning together at neck and side seams revealed that the knit lining would pull the knit fabric in at side or at bottom creating an unattractive look.
  4. I tried the other knit lining I purchased and that worked better. Yet it did not prevent the see through that I wanted.
  5. I decided after this that I would not use the lining knit as underlining but will attach it as a lining piece. I will however attach it so that when turned right side out, the lining "raw" edges will be against skin not against the fabric seams thus eliminating show through of unsightly seams from the right side.
  6. Doing it this way will allow both pieces to hang separately from neck/arms.

I will have photos to show later as I continue this sewing journey.


  1. First, Congratulations on your Excellence Award. I enjoy reading about your sewing adventures and appreciate the information that you share.

    Great feedback. Can't wait to see your new knit top.

    I, like you, am very glad to have sewing/blogging buddies.

  2. I intend to experiment with knit linings soon, thank you for sharing your experimets, Linda!

  3. I am glad that you were able to experiment with the two different knits to see which one would work best! It will be interesting to see how the finished version works since you are using a combination of techniques. You are right this is definitely a sewing journey.


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