I am not sewing!

I can't seem to get into my sewing room of late. My dress is almost finished. I had to take deeper darts in the back. For some reason I thought I needed to add some fullness to the upper back. I added a little too much.

I took up the back darts about 1/2 inch from arm hold to hip. This helped the fit considerably. I will be taking deeper side seams as they 5/8 is not enough. Obviously I need to remeasure myself. I have gone down a size to a size and 1/2 in some RTW pants and skirts. I am pleased that I am toning down but need to definitely rethink when determining size to cut. This is the second item I have had to take in.

My work week has been such that has not left me with much sewing time and have not been home for lunch this week to do any 5-10 minute sewing.

Saturday we will be going to Danville to visit family so I am back to just sewing on Sunday this week. So many ideas and no sewing time!


  1. It's frustrating when "life" gets in the way of sewing. Hope you will have a productive day on Sunday.


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