I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading. It is always so helpful in many ways to read other blogs. The information garnered usually relates to sewing. However in reading Lisa Laree's Sew Random blog, I learned how to get my blogroll to show up on my blog. I too have been using Bloglines to subscribe to numerous blogs; when reading some of Lisa's posts last night I read where she wrote about her use of that site and how she got her blogroll to post to her blog. Thanks for share that information, Lisa. I now have my blogroll in the sidebar also.

Like Lisa, I would add blogs to my site. However there are so many that I tend to read and just was not getting them all posted on my blog. Now as I subscribe to other blogs it will automatically update on my blog.


  1. This list looks alot like my Bloglines subscription list! It's no wonder I don't get any sewing done!

  2. Oh, it's SOOOO much easier to maintain! Once you get your user name, of course ;). Glad it helped!


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