Update on eyelet skirt

Well I made a slight fitting adjustment to the skirt, yesterday, by taking up 1/8 inch in all the pieces in the hip area. Once that was done, I serged the seam edges by using an overcast stitch on my serger and disengaged the cutting blade; with 1/4 inch seam I just did not want to take a chance on messing up all that earlier work and cutting something I did not intend to do. The overcast stitch left a nice satiny looking seam finish.

I only need to attach the elastic and hem it. Viola, a completed skirt. I am already planning my next projects.


  1. Dear Linda,
    I have read your lovely comments on my creationson burgastyle and I like to thank you for them.Every comment is very important to me cause I do not have great experience although I have lot of pieces made thanks to my mom.I have read something about you here on your blog and now I know you are great woman who loves her husband.My support!I will be happy if you put some pictures of your creations!

  2. I found your pictures on flickr,I didn't noticed them earlier

  3. I was just going to say I hope we get pictures...but I will look for them on flikr as well!

    Looking forward to your next project as well...

  4. So glad your hubby is back where he belongs! ;)

    I've got a question, though...a couple of days ago you mentioned that your eyelet skirt is KS 3180; I tried to find that on the KS site, but didn't have any luck. I'm wondering if you meant KS 3108, which is one of the leading contenders in my search for the 'just right' eyelet pattern. It would fit your description of 'not hard...just a lot of pieces', and I noticed that you'd reviewed that on PR. Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing your results!

  5. Me, too! Me, too! Pictures please! And I am so glad that your husband is back home safe and sound!


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