Shirley Adams Shell Pattern

I have been working on fitting the SA Shell pattern. It has been a bear to do. I think part of the issue for me is that I normally use a multi size pattern from one of the big 4 and start with 14 in shoulder area and go to 16 in the bust/waist and hips. To me that translates as medium to large. Depending on the style I have actually used 18 in the bust. Thus I started with medium in shoulder area and increased to large in the bust to hip area.

I then did a FBA which was necessary and did my other usual swayback and FSA adjustments. The pattern fits the bust/shoulders. The waist and hip are huge. My point I am trying to make is that fitting the independent patterns can be tricky as I don't believe they use the same fitting as the Big 4. Flat measuring is probably helpful here. I need to do more of that.

I will post more later about the continuing fitting of the pattern. Family business is calling!



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