Sewing and the ASG

This month I was responsible for a program for our local ASG group. I also was this month's felting group leader. This is a group of ASG members with an interest in felting mainly in using one of the felting machines currently on the market or using hand felting needles with foam or brush.

For our ASG monthly meeting program, I shared with the group the Stitch n Flip lining method taught by Shannon Gifford. I showcased a few of my jackets where I used this technique to line the jackets. I drafted a minature jacket pattern using PMB and cut out fabric and lining from leftover materials from my recently made jacket. I did not use this technique on that jacket. I then had another member Cindi of Cindi'sSewing blog, assist me by sewing up the jacket and lining pieces to show how the method works.

This past week I was the group leader for the Roanoke Felting Divas program. We have a yahoo group where we share information. Since we meet every two months, I had the members work on felting squares, circles, triangles using yarns and wool roving. I then had them work on felting yarns together. For the evening's class, I had members take yarn and using machines or needles felt yarn onto water soluable stabilizer with the outcome to be a lace scarf. This was inspired by an article in Stitches magazine about the Babylock Embellisher and a beautiful shawl that was made using the machine.



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