Blouse and Skirt are Complete!

I am happy to report that the blouse and the skirt are now complete. The KS skirt was so easy to sew. I could make up a few, which I may. I will post photos just as soon as I take the time to take photos of the items.

I am pleased also to note that I began two embellishment projects. One the verdict of its success or not is still to be determined.

I will wrote and again post photos of these two projects as well. Right now, I am going to spend some TV time with DH.



  1. Hey Linda
    Thanks for leaving comment on KenmaursCorner..............Could you list any of the Embellishing books you were thinking of,as I haven't found anything down here and I'm literally flying blind.
    Your blog makes me feel guilty that I havent stitched any clothes for two years,or any bags for ages!

  2. Isn't that skirt wonderful? So easy, yet so much prettier than what you'd expect for a simple pattern.


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