Trick or Treat!

I just learned that I have had 11,425 visitors to my blog. I think that is great! I have not done anything extraordinary to promote my blog and had not intended too. Through various sewing boards, digests, etc. I have my blog listed under my signature and sometimes with pattern reviews I reference and suggest people come and visit to see more information.

I will have a whole year with this sometime next month. I will have to check out the beginning date.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by. I love reading other bloggers and I think this is a great way to share our sewing passion.


  1. Congratulations! I love seeing what everyone is working on too - it's kind of like a virtual sewing circle.

  2. How did you find out how many vistors you've had? I can't find that feature, but that doesn't mean it's not right in front of my face! :-)

  3. Congratulations! I agree with Stacy - it is fun to check out everyone's sewing progress and "hear" their thoughts on sewing .The connection via these blogs is great.

  4. Way to go, Linda! I like your blog, and I like your new profile picture, too.

    Where do you find out how to check the number of visitors you've had?


  5. Linda ~ Congrats! I know what you mean about the visitors and your blog & how you started it to have a place to talk about sewing. The visitors are the bonus!

  6. One way to get even more traffic is to link a lot more to other sites. Basically, you only have two links in your sidebar now and neither of them are blogs. If you send traffic to more blogs, they check their stats, follow back and may start watching you and post about you if you put something interesting up. Another way of course is posting a comment on their blog (as you did on mine). Congrats on the stats!


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