Button Purchases

Here are my buttons from Fabric Hut. They are really nice buttons and regretfully I am not a good photographer so for the black ones particularly I have not done them justice.

These are the brown buttons for my last jacket. Will finally get closure to this project. I am not sure if this has been a blocker for me to get going on other projects in addition to not being in town for several days. They are a real rich chocolate color to go with the chocolate color in the jacket.

I love these buttons. They are truly a vintage look and this picture was ligthen to show some of the detail but still does not do them justice. I have an image in mind of the jacket and these buttons.
Last but not least are these unusal square buttons. The center is a light color, sort of putty with a tortoise shell brown trim.


  1. I love everything you've gotten from Fabric Hut! I especially like the second pair of buttons.

  2. thanks for your compliment on my jigamathing ;)

    your purchased buttons are very pretty - especially the second ones with the "vintage" look. seems every sewer is addicted to buttons!

  3. Ohhhh!! Love the square ones. Excellent purchases all.


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