Progress with Skirt

I have to say I am rather pleased with the skirt. It was truly an easy skirt to sew. The main issue for me was selecting the correct size. I cut out an 18. I am never sure what size to cut unless I am using Pattern Master Boutique. In Neue Mode and Burda, 16-18 is my best size. The 18 in this skirt was too big. Better to be too big than not. I had enough seams to take up.

I ended up taking in the front seams, side seams as well as back darts. Some of this is due to the fact that the skirt falls an inch below one's natural waist. Because it has no fitted waistband either, I normally have a fitting issue with the fit of the waist.

My fabric was very easy to sew. This skirt would make up well in a more drapey fabric as well. My fabric is a midweight fabric and it drapes okay but a little stiffer but has body. A softer fabric, like wool or rayon challis, even wool crepe would do well. The view I made, the side front flounces are cut on the bias, which aides in a nice drape. The back flounce is cut on the fold creating a semi-circle, thus sides of the back flounce are on bias as well.

The instructions advice letting the skirt hang 24 hours before hemming due to the bias. I agree with that. The hem is a narrow 5/8 inch hem. One could possibly do a decorative hem.

I used an invisible zipper for the side seam. I had thought about transferring zipper to back, but I like the look of the back yoke without marring it with a zipper. I also used Peggy Sager's technique for inserting an invisible zipper, thus eliminating that little pucker that I get sometime after stitching the zipper then trying to line up the bottom of the invisible zipper and sewing the remainder of the seam. Peggy has you insert the invisible zipper; then you sew the remainder of the seam by starting at the opposite end and sew up to the ending stitches where one has inserted the zipper. A picture of this would be more helpful than how I am trying to describe it. Anywho, it worked!

The waist is trimmed with twill tape by stitching it on the outside of the waist area; it is then turned under and stitched down. I think a lining with this skirt with certain fabrics would do very well. I will take pictures soon after it has hung overnight and when hemmed.

I hope to get my pattern started for my jacket tomorrow. However, I have to make up some fleece scarves for an upcoming fund raiser that our ASG participates in to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald house. These items will be auctioned. I plan to embellish the fleece using my Babylock Embellisher. Hopefully they will be nice enough to create some attention at an auction.


  1. I look forward to seeing the picture and I would love to see a picture of the scarves when you make those!


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