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I was reading Pattern Review this morning, as I do every morning before work or fun. I had read a review about a Butterick skirt. Ann-Gorgeous Thing, the reviewer referred readers to the Sewing Divas Blog. I fell in love with her skirt. I was already in love with the pattern but loved her slot seam tutorial and look. Since had to do some major shopping today, I went to JoAnn's to buy the pattern.

What a great surprise, Simplicity Patterns were 5 for $5. I looked again to make sure I read the sign correctly. I immediately found several patterns that I had wanted to purchase. I was in luck as they were all in stock. I almost forgot to buy the Butterick one. I bought 6 patterns for $11 and some change! Yeah!

I know I told my DH I wasn't buying anymore for awhile, but a $1 a piece. Besides he gave me $20 and said you probably will go by one of your sewing stores. His fault!!!


  1. Great find! I love to sit and just look at don't even have to sew them.


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