Embellishing Experiment

About a month ago I took a class on Felting, by hand and with the Babylock Embellisher. The class was taught by a member of our ASG chapter. I am not a good hand felter. But I love the Babylock Embellisher and through this class I learned more about potential uses and experimented with various fabrics, fibers, yarn and roving. Our Chapter President asked us to make something from our embellished pieces.

Following the class I further embellished the fabric with several other fibers-wool roving, yarns, lace, polyester sheer fabrics, silk ribbons, silk flowers and tulle. There is some pleasure sitting at a machine, moving fabric around under seven barbed needles and watching the fibers and fabric meld together. There is no bobbin, thus no concern over bobbin thread breaking. There are no needle threads either. The biggest concern is adjusting the pressure of the needle bar over various fibers and layers. One needs to be concern that yarns or fabric or roving does not go over the top of the needle bar as that can cause a needle to break.

After completing my recent jacket project, I then made up the embellished fabric into a purse using a McCall's purse pattern. I lined the bag with fat quarter fabrics that have been in my stash for over some time. Here are the results of my embellishing experiment.

I am ready to tackle another project with the Embellisher. I have seen some lovely jackets where the fabric was embellished using this machine. I have some ideas floating through my mind. I just could use more time to play.


  1. What a beautiful purse. You should checkout bagsandpillows.com This guy makes beautiful pillows and bags using the the Babylock embellisher. I love to read your blog. Sherrie

  2. That is so cute! I love the flowers on the outside of the bag. Are they silk flowers? Are you going to put this on bagaholics? You should.

  3. Linda, This is just darling! You're really making good use of your Embellisher, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. I know you've probably come up with more ideas just while doing this bag. One thing begets another, after all!

  4. charminglysew@cox.netJuly 8, 2006 at 12:42:00 PM EDT

    I love your bag. Looking forward to seeing it in person. What a great way to share your creativity with others. The "blog" format takes time and yours is outstanding. Nancy Powers


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