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I don't know if others do this, probably so. I pulled some fabrics from my fabric collection and matched them with patterns to sew. Thus the recent skirt I made. Meanwhile I ordered fabric from Vogue Fabrics which arrived a week or two ago. All of a sudden, I have to make an outfit with some of the new fabric.

The outfit was bubbling in my mind early on and I knew I wanted to make it up soon. But now it has worked its way above all others.

I have pin fitted the Vogue pattern I am using. That is I pin fitted the shorter jacket view and the blouse/top. I made my usual fitting adjustments. I then proceeded cutting out the fabric. I am undecided about the skirt. I am 5'3" and sometimes I think the long skirts shortened me, unless I am wearing a high heel. I like the look of the skirt and may decide to shorten it some.

I also just purchased a Viking Embroidery Card called Endless Sensations. The reason for the purchase is two of the designs have some of the same elements of the blouse fabric and I want to try to incorporate that design onto the jacket and whatever skirt I finally decide on.

Here is a photo of the blouse fabric.

Here is a photo of the jacket/skirt fabric.

The blouse fabric is 100% polyester-feels like a microfiber.
The other fabric is a linen/poly blend.

Here is the pattern.

Well I am off to sew. I have more ideas and plans than time to complete.
Will give an update on this project soon.


  1. Love the KS3108 skirt. And the fabric for the new shirt and jacket/skirt is cute! Will you be finished by Thursday? Don't forget we have our meeting a week early this month. Off to look at the links you sent in the newsletter.

  2. I hope to be at ASG Thursday. Will not get all of my projects finished by Thursday. I have way too many and not enough time.

  3. I love the fabric! Can't wait to see the finished set!


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